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One of the great things about YouTube is the ability to demonstrate a solution or present a customer testimonial in a much more dynamic form than printed word.  When you need to make a point or grab someone's attention quickly - as is often the case in the digital world - visual stimulation is "money in the bank".  Unfortunately, everyone else has the same idea, so how do you let your YouTube subscribers know what's new or what cool stuff you are working on?

The answer is bulletins.  If you have an existing YouTube channel, and you are actively publishing video content, you can communicate with your subscribers by sending out text and videos directly to them.  Those of you familiar with Facebook status updates will see the similarities.  Simply click the "Post Bulletin" tab that appears on your Channel Page, enter a message and the video link you wish to send to your subscribers, and click the "Post Bulletin" button.  Your bulletin will then appear on the homepage of each of your subscribers, an easy way to engage them and keep traffic flowing to your video content.

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